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My tractor is a TEA 20 Ferguson. Its serial number is TEA 24114 which means it was built in England at Coventry by the Standard Motor Co. in early 1948.

Serial Number Plate

I know that because the plate in front of the steering wheel has the serial number and the serial number tells me all that. The TE means that it is built in England (Tractor England) and the A means that it has a petrol engine made by the Standard Motor Co. and is not a narrow width tractor.

On my serial number plate I also have the number 104 stamped. This means that my tractor was imported by British Farm Machinery Co. of Sydney Australia. After the imported tractors reached the shores of Sydney they were stamped to identify the tractors as they were unloaded from the boats.



The engine has an 80mm bore, unlike the later Standard engines that come with 85mm bores. 85mm bore petrol engines came out only after serial number 172598. The 80m bore engines have a capacity if 1850cc and the 85 mm bore engines 2088cc. If you look at any of the material printed on these Fergy engines they will claim a horsepower rating of 23.9 for the 80mm and 28.2 for the 85mm.

However, in Australia they are generally referred to of the 16hp and 18hp models. The reason why is that the lower ratings relate to the PTO shaft rating while the higher figures relate to the flywheel rating. The PTO rating is lower as there are significant energy losses through the gearbox and differential. Many claim that the PTO rating is more representative as it reflects the actual power available for use.

Howard Reduction Box Lever

Here's a close up of the lever that controls my Howard reduction gear. It's the one coming out of the transmission dip stick cover plate. This lever when in it's upmost position is is low ratio. In this photo it is engaged in the high ratio. It was instaled because the tractor had a rotary hoe which needed the low gearing to work effectively.


Brass warning plate

This brass plate says;

The reduction gear supplied with the rotary hoe must not be used with any other implement.