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This page is dedicated to the implements that I have bought.

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These harrows were found by my Father in a park in which he takes his daily constitutional walk. He had seen them there for the last 2 years and always though they looked too useful to be lying around.

So when I bought our small portion of Australia Dad suggested that we find out who owns it and make them an offer. Dad found out that it was owned by the City Council and that they didn't want it.

This implement, turned over with spikes in the air, makes for a marvelous arena leveler and horse poo smudger.

Roller mower

This orange beauty here is a roller mower. It has a 2m cut delivered by 3 blades. It used to be the local Football & Cricket ovals mower before it was decommissioned due to a rusty deck.

I will be dismantling it shortly and replacing the deck. I currently can't use it as it vibrates too much due to a split in the deck.

Carry All

The carry all. This carry all had been lying idle for years under a tree. As a result it was very rusty. Some rust so thick I had to beat it off with a hammer. Most of the rust was removed using a rotary wire brush and an angle grinder.

There was no flooring on it either so I have now bolted wooden panels for a floor.



This grader blade I found in the local paper. It was actually an advertisement for a complete Grey Fergy with Carry All and Grader Blade. I called the man and asked whether he would be prepared to separate the grader from the tractor.

What I liked about it was that it is light enough for a small Ferguson. Most grader blades would tip a Grey.