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Original Instruction Books

This page details all the original instruction books I have managed to get my hands on.

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Cover of Early TEA 20 Instruction book

These instruction books I got from a bloke at work who knew I was into Fergys. He saw it in an antique shop he often frequents.

They are in excellent condition. It came with 2 implement instruction books on a disc plough and an agricultural mower and were nearly presented in a thick paper envelope (also illustrated below).

Mower instruction book


Think envelope cover houses all three books

It is hard to read but you can just make out the crossed out address on the front of the envelope. It reads...

Mr C.A. Beattie,
Naoiones Unidsas,
Edificis Artigas,
Rineen 487,
U R U G U A Y,
South America.

I have no idea how these manuals got from Uruguay to Victoria, Australia. Possibly an interesting tail in there.


TE 20 Instruction book for a later model TE 20

This is an instruction book for a later model TE 20. In Australia they are often refered to as the 18HP models. The other TE 20's are generally refered to as the 16HPmodels. Visually there is little difference. There are a few ways to distinguish the models.

1. The most notable difference is the dash. On the early 16HP TE 20's there is nothing but a provision for a gauge on the right had side of the steering wheel and a generator light. On the later TE 20's there is a vent which allows fresh air to be drawn into the filter under the bonnet.

The provision for the gauge, as I understand it, was for the vaporised oil (kerosine) powered tractors which had a temperature gauge which was there so the driver could know when it was appropriate to change from Petrol to kerosine.

2. If you look side on to the tractor through the gap between the radiator and engine block on the 16HP early TE 20's there is a small gap between the engine block and the water pump. No such gap exists in the later TE 20's as the water pump is within the block.